Otaku Goods

Otaku Goods

I ended up bringing about 27kg of goods home. I would have loved to buy more, but there was a limit as to what I could physically carry and how much I could take onto the plane.


Leaf / Key

Various Leaf and Key related books. On the bottom left is a classy cloth-bound WonderThree book.

This particular Little Busters anthology comes with a set of cards which can be used to play various games.



Churuya-san books on the top row and various Nagucha doujins on the bottom.



Nanoha StrikerS design materials and the Nanoha/Nanoha A’s Visual Fan Book. No one seemed to have volume A of the StrikerS materials in stock, but I looked all over Akihabara until I found a big pile at Animate.

Various Nanoha doujin. StrikerS seems to have been a hit, despite the reduction in loli power.

Some adult-orientated Nanoha books. What’s the point of going to Akihabara if you don’t buy some ero-doujinshi?



I bought a whole ton of these. I’m especially fond of the Youmu/Yuyuko books near the bottom.

This charming Touhou storybook comes with a little book of birthday vouchers.

Touhou card games are all the rage lately. The one on the left is great in a crazy UNO kind of way.

A pack of Touhou hanafuda cards.



Various artbooks and doujinshi. I’m a fan of all three artists in the top row, but I bought the bottom ones on a whim.

Doujinshi from miko virtuoso Nagomi. I bought all the ones I could find.

Books by Harada Takehito (of Disgaea fame). I loved his Kipple 1-4 compilation last year, so these were must-gets.

GOTO-P’s new club activities-based artbook. It’s kind of like an appendix to his School Girl series.

Utsura Uraraka’s Waha compilation book.

I was expecting to see more Code Geass stuff, but I guess there’ll be a revival when season 2 airs.

For those unfamiliar with it, Marin-tan to hanasou! is a textbook for learning to speak English like the US Marines do. Not one for the kiddies. It comes with a CD in the back which I’m afraid to listen to.

A textbook on how to colour school scenery and uniforms.

Maid RPG is a tounge-in-cheek tabletop RPG.

Artbooks I bought at the Ghibli museum.

Tsundere karuta and the Hyakuninisshu as read by Tanaka Rie.

Tsundere karuta is just like the traditional game of karuta where players aim to match the yomifuda (’reading cards’) with the torifuda (’taking cards’) before anyone else. Instead of proverbs or poems from the Hyakuninisshu, however, each card features either a tsundere phrase or an associated picture.

I won these figures at Club Sega after a valiant battle against the UFO catchers.

Here they are standing next to my existing Haruhi figures. You can see they’re actually pretty big (1/8).

I don’t have an Izumi figure, so here’s Yuki as a stand-in.

The box of little Lucky Star figures I bought after giving up at the UFO catchers.

Here they are on my shelf. I got another set from the other five boxes, but alas, no secret figure.


Free Stuff

Tora no Ana were giving away these lovely miko sticker posters and trading cards this month. There’s a whole series to collect, with your obligatory ’secret’ items.

Some of the big stores in Akihabara will offer special exclusive postcards with certain manga, with each store having a different postcard. I think this Nagi card was from Tora no Ana, but there were also cards with Maria and Isumi at other stores.

Coasters from Cure Maid Cafe. The one on the left is the standard one, but the one on the right I received for ordering the Hinagiku cake.

A moves sheet from the location test of Fate Unlimited Codes. You could pick these up from near the machine and study them while waiting in line. Everyone seemed to like using Sakura.

Fliers for various doujin events are available at practically every store in Akihabara.

These fliers are for Reitaisai, a big Touhou event where ZUN usually releases new material. As you can see from the pictures, it’s being held at Tokyo Big Sight this year.

Niche events which revolve around certain franchises, attributes and even particular characters are increasingly common. This flier is for Poniket, a ponytail-themed doujin event.


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  3. Junya Says:

    Nice pics. I was strongly tepetmd to get this figure despite not liking StrikerS or caring much for Teana herself the action pose is good, though, and this figure does make her look so much better than in the show, as omo mentioned All the Nanoha costume designs are a bit plain, but they’re at least plain in an attractive way.Still, despite not liking StrikerS, I got Rein and Hayate + Mini!Rein (which, by the way, for any readers interested, is even bigger than you might expect from any official pictures: and that ) and I like both of those, especially the Hayate, so I might try to find this one to make a three a crowd since preorders didn’t sell out super fast and it’s actually going for pretty good price on kidnemo right now.It’s also cool Teana can come off her base Rein is stuck to hers despite her upright pose and Hayate, well, her’s is removable but she’s can’t do anything with her base -_-;Re: Swapping arms. I picked up and . It’s really difficult to swap the arms though; they snap in really tight (which is good, just had me worried at first haha). But I agree, for Teana’s pose, it’s probably better than having loose accessories.(excuse the poor picture quality, took all those in a hurry for a friend the other day and it was like 1 AM and dark, heh)

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