Sendai is a pretty modern city up the coast from Tokyo. There's a distinctly clean, fresh feeling about the place that I really like.




It being near new year's eve, the Hikari no Pageant street illuminations were up.


Sendai is also the setting for Kannagi. With the exception of the shrine, most of the locations in the show are located pretty close to the city and easily accessible.


The alleyway where Zange is accosted.


The karaoke bar where episode 10 takes place.


The giant crab next to the karaoke bar.


The arcade where Tsugumi takes Nagi shopping.


The cafe where Nagi finds a job. In reality, it's an arcade with a Tora no Ana (bursting with Kannagi merchandise, no less) upstairs.


Jin's local train station.


The riverbank near Jin's house.


Bridge over the river.


Ramp up to the bridge.


7-Eleven near Jin's house. By an incredible stroke of luck, we managed to capture what looks like the same car as well.


Jin's house. It's much smaller in real life than on the show.


Railway crossing near Jin's house.


Jin's school.


Round tower thing.


Underground tunnel. In reality, it's located next to the school and not in town. It's clear that there was once graffiti on the walls, but it seems to have been painted over.






Nagi's shrine. In reality, this is Hanabushi shrine, located a couple of hours away from Sendai city.




The shrine is right next to the ocean.