Neta spreads fast in Akiba.


Asou Tarou seems to still be popular here.


A flyer for Nagomi's exhibition. Very pretty, but nothing in the way of new work (or anything that we could afford to buy).


LittleBSD is a cosplay cafe in one of the alleys behind Chuou-doori. The girls here aren't afraid to talk to you regardless of how bad your Japanese is, which is kind of nice.
They also have some interesting dishes, such as the one where the waitress will hand-craft an illustration on your onigiri from seaweed.


A Touhou vending machine on a location test in one of the back alleys. Reimu is roasted tea, while Marisa is milk tea.


Orders are now open for the husky new addition to the Vocaloid family.


Mandarake has on display (and until recently, for sale) the complete collection of commercially available NES cartridges.


The Haruhi Wii game is being promoted by practically every shop on Chuou-doori.


The police give this guy a shakedown.





The Sony Showroom in Ginza. Just about everyone in Japan seems to have one of those flip phones.



Ikebukuro is a lively part of town with a lot of stores.


Sunshine city, where the doujinshi event Sunshine Creation is held, is located here.



Ikebukuro is also home to the stretch known as 'Otome road'. Most of the stores here sell female-orientated doujinshi, but there are a couple of stores here and there with sections for men, too.





The Budokan is a large indoor arena located within the imperial park in the centre of the city. Quite a lot of people turned out to see I've perform here.

I'm not a hardcore fan, but I thought it was pretty decent.


Someone's itasha, spotted the same day in Akiba.


I stumbled across the Enterbrain building while taking a walk.



Meguro is a pretty ordinary suburb in the south-west part of Tokyo.


There's one thing here of note, though - the Meguro Parasitological Museum.




Roppongi is a posh part of town centred around Roppongi Hills, a big complex filled with shops and office space.


Apocalyptic mural at Shibuya station.



Hachikou crossing, the Hachikou statue, the train carriage outside Shibuya station and Shibuya 109. No girls with giant swords in sight.


This is a pretty representative sample of how those trendy Shibuya clothing buildings look on the inside. The music inside is absolutely deafening.


Sticker Photo Mecca. I hear this was one of the first places to start banning men from entering alone so they couldn't hit on the schoolgirl regulars.



The Tokyo metropolitan town hall. They have moving walkways here so that the bureaucrats can get to work faster. If only all tax dollars were so well spent.


The latest Kara no Kyokai at the Teatoru Shinjuku. I'd complain about the typically obtuse plot, but the imouto fan service more than makes up for it. GJ!