Bags I got from comiket. Nagomi's bag reads 'If you go home with this side facing outwards, you're a hero'.


Littlewitch's super minimalistic bag.


Design books from 0verflow.


Design and artbooks from Littlewitch. The CD contains a patch to turn all the girls on the Period fan disc into bunny girls. Credit for creativity.


Kara no Kyokai storyboard books, Type Moon artbook and Kannagi design materials book.


Nanoha stuff. I did the unthinkable and actually used the phone card when my phone ran out of batteries during Comiket.


Leaf/Key books.






A whole lot of Touhou stuff.


Rengaworks' books.


TOMA's books.


GOTO-P and POP's books/CDs.


Various things from various people.


Tora ana. In all likelihood, the first and only sex toy ever to be sold at Comiket.
Before you ask, no, I'm not planning on using it.



Bonus goodies.


Comic market catalogue. The carrying case is a bonus from Tora no Ana.

Water and green tea available at Big Sight.

Bonus board-thingy from K-Books.

P.S. Suri-san. Amusing 4koma about consoles as idols.

A really, really big poster for Kara no Kyokai.


Fumo fumo Sakuya and Remilia.




Stuff I won from UFO catchers. I won both of the maids on the bottom with my first coin (!)


My proof-of-age tag from the 0verflow booth. Their lovely attendants were going around carding people, then handing these out.


Hand-marked guide to a karaoke place from one of the waitresses at LittleBSD.


A charm from Suwa shrine.


Soy sauce and potato flavoured Kit Kats.