Things of interest


Found at a local supermarket - 5 litres of hard alcohol.


Don't even think about asking.


A vending machine for fortunes. It'll have to do until they come up with miko robots.


Ani-song and Eroge-song karaoke is a great way to kill an evening.


Moe memory cards. It's not as simple as just sticking girls on everything, guys!


Taiyaki and dango from what seemed to be a pretty popular store. I liked the Taiyaki, but the dango, not so much.




Hirano Aya doing a bit of voice over work for a science show. You really can't tell it's her until she goes into the Konata voice.


'Economic recovery'.


I tried one of these. Kind of tastes like Mountain Dew.


Morinaga's delicious milk. Could this be the origin behind the name of ONE's milk-loving main heroine?